Letitia Dean, an EastEnders actress, acknowledges that nothing can keep Sharon in Walford.

A significant change is coming (Image: BBC)

Soon in EastEnders, Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) will get a sizable offer that could force her to leave Albert Square for ever.

Dorian, a flirtatious boxing promoter, invites Sharon out for a drink and then informs her that she has been offered a position in Abu Dhabi.

Sharon is intrigued by the opportunity just a few months after her romance with Keanu (Danny Walters) ended, and as Letitia Dean says, her character realizes how advantageous it may be to up sticks and entirely start over.

“Dorian gives Sharon the opportunity to go to Abu Dhabi and start a new gym.” Given that Walford is her home, it would undoubtedly be a big adjustment for Sharon, but with her relationship in shambles, she told us, “I don’t believe she feels like there’s anything left to hold her there.”

It’s quite enticing since it would be a smart economic decision for her and would provide stability for Albie’s future.

Letitia continued, thinking about Sharon’s emotions following their breakup with Keanu:

Over the summer, Sharon and Keanu’s romance came to an end (Image: BBC).

She may be hiding her heartbreak, but I believe it to be real. When Keanu returned, it was such a whirlwind, and I believe it was inevitable that they would both look back on the love they previously had since it was more than just a passing romance. I believe Sharon truly believed she and Keanu would be together for the long haul, but she now believes their union is doomed.

“Keanu refuses to understand that Sharon behaved in his best interest and out of love, but I think she’s also weary of their relationship’s endless ups and downs so she’s attempting to bury her feelings to go forward peacefully,” says the author.

While Sharon loves making out with Dorian, Keanu notices the exchanges. As his resentment grows, Keanu tries to harm Sharon by bringing Albie out for the day while keeping Sharon in the dark about his plans.

Dorian extends a generous proposition to Sharon. (Image: BBC)

“She’s mad with him!” said Letitia.

Keanu has repeatedly shown Sharon that he cannot be relied upon to care for their son. Sharon reaches her breaking point when he pulls a vanishing trick on Albie. She is aware that Keanu worships Albie and would do everything to protect him, but it is obvious that he is incapable of acting in a mature manner. The notion that Albie might up and depart with their boy without notifying her his location fills her with the dread of God because after losing Denny, his safety is non-negotiable.

She explained: “I’m wondering if Sharon and Keanu still have a relationship.”

Without a certain, but I believe she wonders if he ever truly loved her or if he was just interested in her because of Albie.

It’s never easy between them, so we’ll have to wait and see which one prevails. She’s split between her mind and her emotions.

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