Chris Bisson, an Emmerdale actor, teases his 17-year boyfriend about impending nuptials.

After a remarkable 17 years of dating, Chris Bisson has hinted at marriage preparations to his companion.

Chris, a star of Emmerdale and Coronation Street, has been engaged to Rowena for almost 20 years, and the two have two children together, Harry and Ella Rose.

The pair epitomizes the phrase “taking things gently,” as they became engaged in 2016 – 10 years after first meeting – and have made no known preparations to wed eight years later.

Icon for soap But as soon as Chris made an appearance on Tuesday’s Loose Women, he was questioned about his love life.

Rowena and Chris have been dating since 2006, as highlighted by Janet Street-Porter, and Chris proudly responded, “17 years.”

To cheers from the audience, Chris stated, “It was our anniversary the other day.”

Since 2006, Chris and Rowena have been dating. Chris Bisson/Instagram provided the image.
If he decides to get married at all, the Emmerdale actor quipped that it may take him 20 years (Image: ITV).

Since it would be his 15th year in Emmerdale, Janet directly asked him if “may be the year you get married?”

Chris made a non-committal noise that might best be described as a shrug and a smile before saying, “Ehhhhh.”

Chris and Rowena had two kids together and were engaged in 2016 (Image credit: Chris Bisson on Instagram).

Getting engaged took me ten years. So we’ve sort of given ourselves a 20-year deadline to get married,” he joked.

“I suppose by then I’ll have decided if I want to,” she said.

When it comes to family, Chris’ on-screen life as Jai in Emmerdale has proven to be far more dramatic since he recently learned that Rishi is not his biological father.

When Jai discovered that his Uncle Amit was actually his biological father and that he was the product of a hookup between his mother and uncle, soap opera viewers were astonished. However, Jai’s father Rishi stepped in and nurtured him as his own.

ITV and ITVX begin airing Loose Women at 12.30pm on weekdays.

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