Georgia May Foote, a star of Coronation Street, deftly calls out an invasive fan inquiry.

During a Q&A on her Instagram stories, Coronation Street actress Georgia May Foote called out a fan for her invasive question.

In order to engage with her fandom, the actress Katy Armstrong requested for questions from fans, and she was quick to skillfully respond to a question that went too far.

Georgia was properly unwilling to accept it because the question itself inquired if she intended to have children or if she desired “an easier life.”

She answered in a little video, “I hope one day we get to a period where people realize that this subject has nothing to do with them,” and then she raised her hand in a peace sign.

In Corrie, Georgia portrayed Katy. (Image from ITV)

Unfortunately, the story didn’t finish there since Georgia’s response was challenged by another query.

Georgia once again provided the ideal reaction to the fan’s comment, which read, “You’ve enabled others to ask you questions therefore the baby question isn’t being harsh or disrespectful.”

Nobody is aware of a person’s unique route toward having children, including whether or not they want to or are able to do so, she said.

Georgia explained her reasoning (Picture: Instagram / Georgia May Foote)

She pointed out that questions like this can be very painful for people who have experienced trauma surrounding the topic and shouldn’t be a question that is asked.

‘I’m shocked this was sent by a woman,’ Georgia began. ‘It’s extremely rude. It’s my body my choice.

‘No one knows whether the woman they are asking is even able to have children? Whether she wants one? If she does or doesn’t is that anything to do with anyone?

If a woman has recently experienced trauma, what should she do? If she is using it for a personal journey? It shouldn’t be a “thing” because asking someone this question is really personal.

“Just because I said ask me a question” does not imply that I would discuss every detail of my private life.

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