Jamie Borthwick, an actor for EastEnders, mocks the Jay and Nadine fan notion.

After Lola’s passing, Jay and Nadine met (Image: BBC).

Jamie Borthwick, who plays Jay Brown on EastEnders, has enjoyed reading fan speculations about him and Nadine (Jazzy Phoenix), a newbie.

Jay met Nadine after Lola (Danielle Harold) passed away, and he later discovered that she is a sex worker.

Since that time, Jay has stopped paying Nadine for sexual encounters but does still tip her after sharing a bed with her.

EastEnders viewers have been debating Nadine online as the most recent chapter of Jay’s storyline progresses.

Several audience members pondered if the newcomer may be a projection of Jay’s imagination considering that she appears extremely similar to Lola. Some conjectured that Nadine might have an ulterior motivation for getting in touch with Jay.

Nadine is undoubtedly extremely genuine. (Image via Jamie Borthwick’s Instagram)

Jamie just posted a post from co-star Jazzy on his Instagram stories, picking up on this.

You heard the phantasm of my mind, Jamie said alongside an emoji of laughter after Jazzy posted an image from the BBC One soap’s episode airing on Monday, October 9.

It is reasonable to infer that Nadine isn’t from Jay’s thoughts after last night’s scenes.

After Lola’s passing, Jay is having difficulty (Image: BBC).

Jay returned to Nadine’s apartment and said that even though he knows he shouldn’t sleep in the same bed as her, he can’t unwind on his own. This was after being questioned by Ben (Max Bowden) and Callum (Tony Clay) about where he had spent the evening.

The narcotics he discovered in Nadine’s bedroom that morning were then offered to him.

Although Jay was forewarned by Nadine that the ketamine would be bad for his physical and emotional health, the mourning character emphasized how eager Jay was to shut down and feel numb.

Jay managed to obtain the pills, but would it be an isolated incident as he claimed to Nadine? Or will this develop into a habit?

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