Barbara Knox, a 90-year-old Rita Tanner legend, announces her retirement from Coronation Street.

Recently, Barbara turned 90 (Image: ITV).

Barbara Knox, a legend of Coronation Street, has been asked if she intends to leave the drama.

Since 1972, Barbara has played Rita Tanner on a regular basis. Prior to her 90th birthday in September, it was announced that she will be the subject of a film that honored her life.

The program, which will be hosted by Bradley Walsh, will examine Barbara’s life off-screen and her ascent to fame as one of Corrie’s most recognizable figures.

Since she first set foot on the cobblestones, Rita has had her fair share of drama. Her most well-known accomplishments include fostering children in Weatherfield and operating The Kabin newsagents. She took care of people like Sharon (Tracie Bennett) and Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews), and more recently, she adopted Gemma (Dolly-Rose Campbell).

Barbara reflected on her remarkable career and considered retiring in order to put an end to it all.

It’s truly unbelievable, isn’t it? How quickly the years passed. And what we managed to fit into those years, as well as how lucky I was to spend perhaps 50 or 60 of them on the Street. I’ve lost track! she said in the program, which will be shown on ITV this coming Friday, October 13.

“I’ve had a lot of luck.” I can’t believe 90 years have passed and all these years have passed. That defies belief. and whether they are paying attention. I do not desire retirement.

This Friday, the documentary will show on ITV (Image: ITV).
Since 1972, Barbara has portrayed Rita (Image: ITV).

Barbara also talks about her Blackpool childhood vacations and how she fell in love with performing after seeing musicals at the movies.

She remarked, “Back in the day, Blackpool was the place to go.”

From the age of seven until around ten, my parents used to take me every year. Because there were limitations on how far you could go during the war.

The documentary also includes remarks from former and current Corrie cast members (Image: ITV).

Everyone may find something to like. I attended the kids’ concert at the tower when I was a little girl. It took place in the afternoon and was quite well known. We went and sat on our knees. Then the little children start singing for another 30 minutes or so. That was my afternoon entertainment. That was really nice. Perhaps that was the subsequent prod toward entertainment.

She said, “The lady next door took tap dance lessons.”

“I’ll take Barbara,” she responded. Oh, I see; amazing. In Rochdale, that is. On the way back, you pass through Rochdale and down a very, very steep slope, and I used to want to sit up front on the bus.

There are lights on each side if you’re doing that in the dark. And I used to believe that being on Broadway must be like this.

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