Fans of Emmerdale have discovered who Mack saved thanks to two significant hints

Things in Emmerdale have been left on a real cliffhanger (ITV image)

The question of whether Mack Boyd (Lawrence Robb) prevented Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) and Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) from perilously dying has been debated by Emmerdale viewers.

Viewers were left on a bigger cliffhanger than the actors themselves after an hour-long show.

One person was still inside the damaged automobile when it crashed over the edge of the quarry, but they were able to escape due to Mack.

A hand was grasped in Mack’s just before he looked between Chloe and Charity, both of whom had their palms anxiously outstretched.

He had managed to rescue one of them, but was it his engaged partner and the mother of his child, or his divorced spouse and passionate fling?

Although Emmerdale and we both have not confirmed anything, fans have unavoidably begun investigating.

And if their investigation is any indication, they are not letting any evidence through.

Two hints have been found, and many people are confident that Emmerdale won’t actually murder off Charity.

Some have noticed that Mack’s right hand was plainly visible in the incident, therefore they conclude that he could only have saved Charity in a legal manner.

Additionally, Chloe had longer nails, which are considerably shorter now.

They’ve come to the conclusion that Chloe must be the one who has lost her mind as a result of it.

Are they on the right track? Even if some people do not believe Chloe will survive, if true, it would be really devastating news for her.

After all, Mack’s incredible power may have saved both of them from a fatal outcome.

The repercussions of whatever occurs will be extensive. Chloe could pass away if Charity has been saved, leaving Reuben without a mother and Mack feeling guilty because they were supposed to be beginning a new life together.

If Charity has fallen to her death, Mack could have an unwarranted grudge towards Chloe, and she might never forgive him for his affair.

Even if they both live, they still need to deal with the affair and any physical or psychological effects of the accident.

Fans will have to wait to learn whether their suspicions are accurate because the cast, the media, and the show are keeping everything a secret. However, Emma Atkins recently stated that no one should ever believe they are safe, regardless of how long they have been on the program.

Is Chloe doomed, as fans think? (Picture: ITV)

Nobody is impervious, every character has a finite lifespan, and you should always assume that your contract might not be renewed.

You must acknowledge that there is life outside of Emmerdale and exhibit the greatest amount of bravery possible in that regard. I dislike making assumptions because it encourages complacency.

“That’s amazing, another year under my belt and how lovely to be portraying a character who’s ever developing, constantly learning, and continuously making errors,” is all I can think.

The result of the accident will be shown in Emmerdale on Wednesday, October 11 at 7:30 p.m. on ITV.

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