“He’s got one!” Bobby Brazier reveals which EastEnders character he wants to be killed off.

On the BBC One soap opera, Bobby portrays Freddie Slater (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron).

By saying that this specific character can “do one,” Bobby Brazier has made it very plain that he hopes one EastEnders inhabitant doesn’t return to the program.

Theo Hawthorne, the evil stalker who has been terrorizing Stacey, was a significant plot point in the episode that caused Freddie Slater to temporarily leave the BBC One serial opera.

Stacey was left in terror as Theo, Freddie’s high school teacher, grew fixated with her. Despite her pleadings for him to stop, he persisted, even going so far as to move in next door.

Theo shocked everyone by breaking into Stacey’s house and attempting to rape her after her effort to obtain a Stalking Prevention Order failed.

When Freddie returned home to see what was happening, he sprung into action, beating Theo with an iron and leaving him in a pool of his own blood, which made Stacey fear the little boy may be sentenced to jail.

Theo’s fate was eventually revealed, however it is unclear whether or not we will ever see him on television again. However, Bobby believes that Freddie has “scared him away for good.”

Bobby hopes that Theo, who has been terrorizing the Slaters, especially Stacey, has been eliminated. (Image: BBC / Jack Barnes / Kieron McCarron)

He told The Mirror, “I hope I have scared him away permanently.” But much though I adore the actor who portrays him, Will Ellis, Theo can do one.

True, Bobby.

In the plot in question, Freddie left the Square, enabling Bobby to devote all of his attention on Strictly Come Dancing.

The serial actress, dancing partner Dianne Buswell, first dazzled fans with a Foxtrot before switching things up the next week with an upbeat Charleston.

Bobby, shown here dancing with Dianne Buswell, is now taking part in Strictly Come Dancing.

He unquestionably produced his best performance to date in the Romeo + Juliet-inspired Samba for Movie Week to Young Hearts Run Free, when he and Dianne dressed as the characters from the 1996 Baz Luhrmann film played by Leonard DiCaprio and Claire Danes.

What is meant by iconic?

BBC One broadcasts EastEnders from Monday through Thursday at 7:30 p.m.

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