Spoilers for Emmerdale: Another rape survivor Rhona stands by Lydia during her police experience.

Rhona gives assistance (Image from ITV)

Lydia (Karen Blick), who had been suffering silently for weeks, at last opened up to her devoted family. While Lydia’s husband Sam (James Hooton) only wants to be of assistance, things in Emmerdale aren’t getting any better.

Without a doubt, both the brutal rape and the persecution Craig (Ben Addis) subjected Lydia to in the weeks that followed have traumatized her. Although notifying her family was a big step in the right direction, it did not at all relieve her of her burden. She feels more alone than ever.

Sam makes the suggestion that they spend the day together, and when she declines, he is devastated. Sam is once more left outside in the cold while she instead resorts to her go-to coping strategy of cleaning the house.

Sam is totally at a loss and unsure of what to say or do to support his wife. Craig has been freed awaiting further inquiry, but things worsen when the cops arrive and further demolish Lydia.

Sam enlists Rhona’s assistance (ITV image)

Sam is pushed even further away as a result of Lydia’s subsequent descent. When Rhona (Zoe Henry) happens to stroll by while he’s at his wit’s end, he sees an opportunity.

He extends an invitation to Rhona to return to the home, where a dejected Lydia is poring over crisis pamphlets. Rhona, who has experienced similar circumstances herself, sits with Lydia and offers her the time and space to communicate.

Sam listens in hopes that Lydia will make a breakthrough, but he is inwardly fuming over Craig’s release.

Sam starts planning his own form of retribution for Craig in classic Dingle fashion.

But Rhona strives to get Lydia to be transparent while he is preoccupied with getting even. Could a tortured Lydia be saved by Rhona?

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