Emmerdale spoilers: Caleb’s rage, Belle’s anxiety, and Sam’s vengeance

heated meetings and private conversations (Image from ITV)

Sam Dingle (James Hooton) is keen to exact revenge on rapist Craig, while Caleb Miligan (William Ash) locks heads with a possible new foe, creating tension in Emmerdale next week.

In another location, Lydia (Karen Blick) receives support from Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry), who understands her situation better than anybody.

Dan makes touch with Amelia Spencer (Daisy Spencer), which shocks her.

Monday October 16

A worried Rhona is present when Sam gets home.

Rhona sits with Lydia and offers her encouragement as she hesitantly begins to share her burdens. Sam is tortured as he listens in and is enraged that Craig might get away with it.

Paddy, meantime, is shocked.

Tuesday October 17

When Amelia reads a birthday card from Dan, she becomes unhappy.

When a consoling Nicky inquires as to what is wrong, Suni is torn.

Suni confides in Nicky, who is horrified by it. Suni wants the situation to end as Nicky hears Amit’s secret and is taken aback.

Vinny is divided somewhere else.

Wednesday October 18

Sam is at a lost over Craig (ITV image)

Cain helps a downtrodden Sam. Sam is left doubting his ability to prosecute Craig with Cain in his ear.

As they meet for supper, Caleb and Amit evaluate one another. In the hopes that some things won’t come out, Nicky and Suni exchange stares.

Together, Caleb, Suni, Amit, and Nicky eat. Amit and Caleb disagree as they talk about their respective boys, although there is some squabbling.

When Amit inquires about Nicky’s friendship with Gabby, the conversation becomes awkward and Caleb and Nicky quickly leave.

Thursday October 19

As Lydia returns from her counseling appointment, Sam is filled with admiration and pity. It is clear that the pair loves one another.

Vinny is torn in the meanwhile.

Additionally, Matty consoles Amy.

Friday October 20

David yields to peer pressure. (Image from ITV)

Tom seems to be acting strangely, and Belle can tell.

Pollard and Jacob give David the push he needs to send a message to one of his dating app matches.

Brenda searches elsewhere for rumors.

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