Rob Kazinsky of EastEnders has been in and out of the hospital due to various diseases.

Rob Kazinsky, a former EastEnders actor, has disclosed that he has been “in and out of the hospital” due to a number of diseases.

The actor, who is best known for his role as Sean Slater in the BBC One serial opera, recently announced to his Instagram fans that he will start a fitness journey in preparation for a new role.

In his post, he included details on his weight and how he plans to keep track of his progress on social media, saying that he’s “going to try to prevent self defeating embarrassment and general autistic self destruction as much as possible and not die of shame.”

Two months later, Rob has provided another report, detailing why not much has changed since the start of his health makeover.

“I haven’t shared anything since my initial starting point shot two months ago. There are some very valid reasons for that, though. He wrote, “Injury and disease.”

An enormous drawback of becoming older is that injuries occur more frequently and stay longer. A pulled muscle used to heal in two days when I was in my 20s, but now it takes two weeks.

‘Over the last two months I’ve been in and out of hospital with various issues, a flu followed by three weeks of stomach issues that ended with me in hospital, and then as soon as I recovered from that I got Covid, which hits me every time like an absolute train and required the shaving of the chest for an EKG, and THEN two weeks ago, like the old man I am, I slipped a disc and two ribs,’ he said, opening up about his recent hospital stays. Hooray.

Before taking on a new part, the actor began to change his physical appearance. (Image via Getty)

I haven’t been able to start my routine yet, but thanks to keeping to my diet, I’m still losing fat and putting on weight where it’s needed.

‘Hopefully now we can kick on and start ripping up this old body,’ he said as he concluded the message. So take this as yet another beginning point, and if you’re having trouble getting started like I did, keep trying; it doesn’t matter how many times you fail as long as you get back up after falling.

In 2021, Sean visited Walford one more. Shortly after Jean (Gillian Wright) phoned him and requested assistance with Stacey’s (Lacey Turner) new wife Eve (Heather Peace), he came.

Since 2006, Rob has portrayed Sean. (Image: BBC)

Rob hopes that the brief return will occur again in the future.

At the time, while discussing the retaliation, he said: “Earlier this year, because to the global epidemic and a very demanding work schedule, I was able to visit my family in the UK for the first time in years, and when I was packed my luggage I wrote Kate Oates an email.

It was actually rather straightforward. Since I live in Los Angeles and try to see my family at least once a year, or more, if I can, I wondered why Sean wouldn’t do the same. Come on in for a cup of coffee?

I told Kate, “I’m in London for one day; let’s write a scene; I’ll swing by in the morning and we can do it; better yet, every time I’m in the UK, if I can, let’s do it again,” and she marshaled the soldiers and made it happen.

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