Aaron Dingle, who will leave Emmerdale abruptly following a traumatic week

Below are Emmerdale spoilers.

Note: Suicide is one of the topics covered in the article that follows.

Following further conflicts with his loved ones, Emmerdale’s Aaron Dingle may decide to permanently leave the community the following week.

After pushing everyone away, Aaron feels alone among the Dingles and wonders about his future.

When Aaron runs into his stepdad Paddy for the first time since his homecoming, the week gets off to a rough start.

The local vet is outraged by Aaron’s disrespectful remarks regarding Paddy’s suicide intentions earlier in the year.

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When it comes to Aaron, kind-hearted Paddy never gives up and attempts to communicate with him. When it appears that Aaron has been affected by his remarks, there is cause for optimism.

Aaron is upset when he gets to The Woolpack later because his family is making a toast to his grandmother Faith, who passed away about this time last year.

Aaron takes offense over not being invited and responds by robbing the cash register.

Aaron muses over his sister Liv’s tragic passing outside the bar.

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When Vinny says something that offends Aaron, he leaves swiftly, appearing to be resolved to never return to Emmerdale.

Aaron seems to be certain about his choice, but fans shouldn’t worry too much because Danny Miller, who portrays him, has stated that he will return to the program permanently.

In an interview with and other media, Danny stated: “I almost feel like I have a new job because I see things so differently now. I’ve returned a few times, but this time I feel much more grateful for the employment and the opportunity to be back.

Naturally, I now have a family to feed, and this is a wonderful way to do it! We moved over here, so I’m now residing only across the corner, proving my commitment to Emmerdale. I want to demonstrate to everyone how much I appreciate it and how much I adore it.

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