Amit Sharma’s covert role in Rishi’s demise is revealed by Emmerdale.

Here are some spoilers for the October 13th episode of Emmerdale.

Amit Sharma’s involvement as a covert witness to the killing of his brother Rishi has been confirmed by Emmerdale.

In Friday’s one-hour episode, after raising suspicions with an unanticipated panic attack at Holdgate, Amit confessed to his son Suni.

The villager who had just moved in earlier this week was uneasy when he visited Rishi’s former residence and casually said that he had been there previously.

Suni was perplexed by this and asked his father for clarification.

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Amit revealed in the most recent Emmerdale episode how he had visited Rishi on the day of his passing in July.

Suni was informed by Amit that Jai had discovered his adoption. Rishi wasn’t returning his calls or emails, so what else could I do but come here and speak to him because I had no idea what more he knew?

“I was going to say what I came here to say, even if he wasn’t happy to see me. We spoke in this location.

Amit remembered how Rishi had tried to shut the door on him, but he had persevered by going inside after him.

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At the top of the stairs, the brothers argued about Rishi’s choice to inform Jai that Amit was his real father.

We were up there, and Amit said, “I was nearly pleading with him while gripping his shirt to keep him from fleeing. I hate him for forcing me to do it and I hate myself for doing it.

Then, as I was still clutching his shirt, he grabbed my hand. He just lost his balance when he yanked it.

Amit stated that he did not shove Rishi, but after checking his pulse and seeing that he was already dead, he did leave him at the scene of his death.

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“I understood how it would appear, the battling brothers, with one dead and the other saying it was an accident,” he claimed. I grabbed his hand and gave it a kiss. I apologized to him and turned away from my own deceased brother.

Despite his apparent regret for his conduct, Amit gave Suni a firm warning not to reveal his secret ever again.

Has Amit given Suni the entire account? Will Suni be able to remain silent around the other Sharmas as well?

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