Coronation Street spoilers: After a confrontation, Todd is compelled to make a major revelation.

He selects something. (Image from ITV)

Recently, there has been tension between Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce) and George Shuttleworth (Tony Maudsley) on Coronation Street. This has been extremely difficult because they all share a home and George is dating Todd’s mother Eileen (Sue Cleaver).

Todd’s aspirations for his future as a funeral director were what sparked the conflict. Todd believed he earned a wage raise after being nominated for the Young Funeral Director of the Year award, but his supervisor George was either reluctant or unable to do so.

Todd left Shuttleworths for RestEasy, a more corporate opponent, and joined their local branch. Since then, George has looked to regret making the choice, as RestEasy lacks the personalized service on which George prides himself.

Todd was the first person Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) went to while planning the funeral for his friend Shelly (Natalie Amber). Todd suggested Shuttleworths since he knew George would manage Shelly’s funeral better than RestEasy.

But George is a proud man, and despite all the signs that he needed to do was give Todd his job back, he steadfastly refused to do so. Instead, he hired the extremely tall Lee, who is best characterized as “a man of few words,” to take the job of his former right hand man.

When you have to act professionally among the newly bereaved, Lee’s inability to control his emotions makes him look to have chosen the wrong job totally.

Todd recently quit his job and began working at RestEasy (ITV).

In following episodes, Todd riles George up over Lee and refers to him as “Lurch,” a reference to the Addams Family’s extremely tall butler figure. George finds this absurd.
Todd informs Paul that he feels guilty after quickly observing that George is struggling to keep up with his workload. Paul has a thought and purposefully tells George that Todd had suggested Shuttleworth’s for Shelly’s funeral.

As a result, Todd eventually tells George the truth about his dissatisfaction with RestEasy. George offers Todd his old position back, relieved to have his former coworker return.

Todd will he agree?

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