Danny Miller, a star of Emmerdale, rejects the idea of Aaron having a family.

The long-running soap opera Emmerdale actor Danny Miller has ruled out giving his character Aaron Dingle a family plot.

Despite prior hints from the famous ITV drama’s creators that children for Aaron and his ex-partner Robert Sugden were a foregone conclusion, it doesn’t appear like the plot will be implemented anytime soon.

Miller gave a pretty clear response when asked whether he wanted Aaron to have children during an interview with TV Times.

“God, no! He’s so far off from being a spouse or a father any time soon, in my opinion.

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Miller continued, “That old cliché is very accurate when it comes to Aaron. He needs to learn to love himself before he can allow anybody else love him.”

Miller revealed that his expectations for Aaron contain a lot more mischief rather than a nice family life.

“A trio consisting of Caleb, Aaron, and Cain would be ideal. That is what I would like to see them do—take on opponents as a Dingle threesome. Doing scenes where you’re stealing automobiles, eluding the cops, and engaging in some fighting is always entertaining.

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After learning that his uncles were holding him captive, Aaron just made a “dark” return to the Dales.

In October 2022, he made an appearance on the serial as part of the major 50th anniversary festivities. After learning that his mother Chas was having an affair with his spouse Paddy, he left the Dales.

The guy has been plotting a surprise escape even though he has just recently returned and has not reconciled with his family.

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