Spoilers for Coronation Street: Ryan is blackmailed by smug Lauren after having sex with Daisy.

Ryan’s secret is revealed to Lauren (ITV picture)

In forthcoming Coronation Street episodes, Ryan (Ryan Prescott) and Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) succumb to passion as they give in to their affections for one another in a moment of intense emotion. But as soon as Ryan realizes Lauren (Cait Fitton) is aware of what transpired, he is faced with a significant dilemma.

After Ryan has had a lot of ups and downs, Daisy and Ryan have a passionate encounter. With Daisy by his side for emotional support, he begins the week by speaking to the youth in the STC about the acid assault he experienced.

The following day, however, he goes on a stroll with Daisy and, while under the influence of the steroids to which he has grown addicted, he viciously assaults Gav after accidently spraying him with soda. Daisy intervenes to stop Ryan from seriously hurting Gav and is astounded by the intensity of his response.

As a result of this, Ryan sobs in front of Daisy and confesses to abusing steroids. He then realizes he has to make some changes in his life. He logs on to the internet for the first time and posts a photo of himself without any filters, telling his followers that he is cancelling his account and will now be himself.

After seeing the video, Daisy rushes over to commend his bravery. When she kisses him, things start to spiral out of control.

During a dispute with Gav, Ryan becomes angrier (ITV image)

Daisy feels bad and regrets getting carried away due of Daniel (Rob Mallard), but if the two have decided to brush the meeting off as an isolated incident and resume their regular lives, they are in for a shock.

Ryan’s housemate Ryan claims they are simply friends when Lauren asks him if he has emotions for Daisy. Lauren becomes concerned about how she will manage to pay the rent and the utilities on her own without him when he decides to move back in with Carla (Alison King).

To Ryan’s astonishment, Lauren declares that she knows he slept with Daisy and that, if Ryan doesn’t pay her $1,000, she’ll make sure Daniel finds out.

Daisy assures Ryan that she will find a way to raise the funds when they speak. Will she have enough money in hand in time to stop Lauren? Will Lauren be content even if she succeeds?

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