After Michael’s shocking death, Carla is in despair, as shown on Coronation Street.

Spoilers for Coronation Street are underneath.

Next week, Carla Barlow and Michael Bailey of Coronation Street will both face difficulties as Stephen Reid’s final con has significant repercussions for Underworld.

This week, Stephen duped Michael into helping him take £250,000 from the corporate account as a final unpleasant surprise for his manufacturing coworkers.

Carla’s possibilities to recover the funds through an insurance claim are constrained because Michael voluntarily provided Stephen with his access code to complete the transfer. It is also challenging for the authorities to figure out exactly what occurred in light of Stephen’s death.

The consequences start to sink in for Michael the next week as he realizes that his unintentional involvement in Stephen’s deception may result in both legal action and loss of his job.

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Carla promises her husband Peter that she would make a valiant effort to recover the factory money.

Carla quickly finds herself in yet another difficulty when she discovers that Rossi’s, a significant Underworld customer, is threatening to break its contract as a direct result of the Stephen affair.

Carla declares her intention to travel to Spain in a last-ditch effort to win over the company’s executives.
Carla is concentrating on this, so Sarah is left to handle Michael. Michael worries for his work when Sarah says she’ll meet him in her office at 1 o’clock.

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Ed is quickly informed by Michael that he has lost his job. Thankfully, this doesn’t appear to be the last word on the subject.

The actress who portrays Carla, Alison King, recently stated to the press: “Carla is extremely rude at first, but once she realizes she needs [Michael] and that he is a really talented designer, she’s like: “Okay, you can stay!” She gives him a mummy-like greeting when he returns.

The actor who plays Michael, Ryan Russell, said, “The fury of Carla! Carla might be willing to forgive him if I can get her to lose half a million more than he does, but not until then, in my opinion.

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