Charlotte Jordan from Coronation Street believes Daisy and Bethany will fight.

Spoilers for Coronation Street are underneath.

The Coronation Street actor Charlotte Jordan foresees conflicts between Bethany Platt and her character Daisy Midgeley in the future.

In forthcoming moments, Daisy will deceive Daniel Osbourne once more by sleeping with Ryan Connor, and the two will passionately kiss when Ryan boldly discloses his facial scars online.

After that, things will only get more difficult because Lucy Fallon, who had a four-year hiatus from the soap opera, will return to her role as Bethany Platt after Christmas.
Fans of the soap opera will recall that Bethany and Daniel had a brief romance before she left the Street, and according to Charlotte, tensions might grow between the three of them.

Ryan Connor and Daisy Midgeley from Coronation Street will be blackmailed after having an affair.

When asked by Inside Soap how Daisy would respond to Daniel’s ex-girlfriend coming back, Charlotte predicted that Daisy and Bethany would fight.

Charlotte said: “Me and Lucy met out at the Inside Soap Awards, and we’re both really looking forward to working together. I anticipate there will be another love triangle.”

Charlotte expressed her desire for Daisy and Bethany to argue before coming to terms with the incident and forming a close relationship.

“I’m hoping Daisy and Bethany clash before being brought together for whatever reason. It would be wonderful if Daisy could have a companion, she remarked.

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Charlotte also gave her theory as to why Daisy continues returning to Ryan.

The soap actress stated, “She simply doesn’t seem to be able to stop herself.” She always lives to regret following her heart. The trauma link and how nobody else can comprehend what they’ve gone through are the main themes.

Charlotte was asked what advise she would provide Daisy, and she responded, “She should have gone open about the kisses she shared with Ryan and emphasized how confused she is. Daniel then, I believe, would have been quite understanding.

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