Emmerdale spoiler: Concerned Paddy resolves to save hurt Aaron

When Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) learns that Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) will shortly return to the Emmerdale hamlet, he quickly realizes what a mess he’s in.

This episode, Aaron returned in the role of the hostage that Cain (Jeff Hordley) and Caleb (William Ash) were keeping at a farmhouse. One year after Liv (Isobel Steele) tragically perished in the storm, Aaron is still having trouble processing his sorrow and coming to terms with the reality that Liv’s death would not have occurred had Chas (Lucy Pargeter) not had her affair with Al (Michael Wildman).

The moment Paddy walks into the pub’s back room to talk with Chas about Aaron’s homecoming is seen in this new footage.

Chas reveals that Aaron treated her horribly yesterday (for us, Friday’s episode) and that she had “never seen him this nasty.” Aaron has most likely left the hamlet, Chas informs Paddy as he sits down determined to assist.

Aaron made a comeback this week (ITV).

The adored character remarks that someone needs to reach Aaron because of how angry Chas is, but can Paddy assist?

In 2021, Aaron departed the community after the actor Danny opted to end his involvement with the program. Fans were shocked by his recent comeback because he had appeared in a handful of episodes last year as part of Emmerdale’s 50th anniversary before leaving once more.

Chas was placed in a frightening situation (ITV image)

Actor Danny said how this fresh comeback scenario developed as follows: Jane Hudson, executive producer, and Laura Shaw, producer, presented the idea to return. They told me to keep it secret since there was something they wanted to do with it while I was over the moon and thrilled.

This happened around the beginning of the year, so it has been months since I was able to tell anyone. I also moved without telling anyone.

Some of my closest friends and family members are unaware of my recent activities. Although it was difficult, I certainly admired it.

Because I love the program, I wanted to keep the information a secret and be a part of a stunning event for a soap opera.

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