Emmerdale spoilers: As Amelia undergoes a difficult birth, ghosts follow her.

Amelia is in difficulty. (Image from ITV)

After her father Dan (Liam Fox) was sentenced to prison for fatally punching her stalker, Amelia (Daisy Campbell) has been barely getting by over the past few weeks. Dan was sentenced to eight years in jail for his behavior, leaving the adolescent mother on her own.

Amelia has been trying to keep up with her college work since being left alone and has been thinking of quitting her studies in order to make ends meet.

She still needs to receive handouts from Sam, who can hardly afford to provide them to himself, despite living with Chas.

She is battling through it, but something is about to cause her to fall back down.

Amelia gave birth in the midst of the terrible Emmerdale storm exactly one year ago. One year has passed since the birth of her miraculous child, whose name means “star”; Amelia has made it through her first year as a mother!

Dan is in jail for assaulting Lloyd, a stalker. (Image from ITV)

But without the little girl’s adoring grandfather around to celebrate, the joyous event is overshadowed by melancholy.

Amelia is well aware of the enormous void Dan has left behind.
She is already grieving and is devastated when she receives a birthday card from injured Dan, who serves as a sharp reminder that he is not where he should be.

Will Amelia continue to spiral as a result of this?

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