Ken Barlow of Coronation Street might face reaction in the wake of Audrey Roberts’ passing

Spoilers for Coronation Street are underneath.

Next week, Ken Barlow of Coronation Street takes a risk by going to see Audrey Roberts in the wake of Stephen Reid’s passing.

As his longtime friend is saddened by the shocking death of her evil son, Ken wants to do the right thing by getting in touch with her.

In the major episode on Friday, Peter, Ken’s son, killed Stephen on the cobblestones after the serial killer’s crimes were exposed.

Peter thought he was guarding Jenny Connor, who Stephen was holding captive as part of his daring escape. However, by the time the car hit him, Stephen had already moved away from Jenny.

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The next week, Audrey will continue to deny the severity of Stephen’s evil deeds.

At the café, Audrey runs into Peter and vehemently accuses him of killing her son.

In front of Audrey, Peter stands up for himself, claiming that when he intervened, he was only defending Jenny.

After Stephen’s passing, Ken pays Audrey a condolence call the next day at Number 8.

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Will Audrey rely on her friend’s support or yell at Ken because of his relationship to Peter?

Audrey’s actor, Sue Nicholls, recently said that Audrey is one to watch now that Stephen’s secret is out.

Sue predicted earlier this week: “We’ll see her start to lash out a bit and lay blame on others. She uses that diversion to deal with what her kid did. She might blame herself, but it would be too much for her to handle.

The family is quite concerned about her because of her erratic behaviors. She is attacking alongside everyone. In fact, she is standing up for him despite what he did to her.

“I still believe that what occurred with Stephen might result in Audrey being let go,” she said. “We are all just on one-year contracts, so you never know.”

Audrey is a victim in many ways; how will she deal with that given the fallout from this week’s events and the confrontation with Stephen?

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