Helen Flanagan of Coronation Street confronts the grief in a clear statement following her breakup with Scott Sinclair

Together, Scott and Helen have three kids (Image: Shutterstock).

In the style of a statement from a self-help expert, former Coronation Street star Helen Flanagan has been offering broad counsel for all spouses on her Instagram Stories.

The letter may be seen as being directed in a specific manner given that it follows her breakup from her ex-fiancé, footballer Scott Sinclair, even if the advice given is pretty general.

‘Husbands: Know this: Your wife isn’t broken when you see her in distress or struggling. She is in pain. She doesn’t require your fixes. She doesn’t need your advice on what to do, Read the quotation by Dr. John Delony, a specialist in mental health.

“What are one or two ways I can best love you right now?” she needs you to inquire. You are not the authority on her needs; she is. Love is being heard, not being told.

On social media, Helen posted the quotation (Image credit: Instagram/Helen Flanagan).

Helen left the words alone without providing any commentary or context.

Following the actress’ breakup with her fiancé Scott, she declared in April that she was “flowing with the flow.” After dating for 13 years, Helen and Scott announced last year that they were getting married.

Matilda, Delilah, and Charlie are the couple’s three children, and their loving mother Helen has said she wants to concentrate on them. She stated, “I just want happy kids and to be happy and healthy myself.”

She frequently posts pictures of her family on Instagram and discusses mental health in an open manner. She just shared a photo of herself nursing Charlie on social media. Despite the fact that she admits to having had postpartum depression after the birth of two of her children, she appears calm and content in the photo.

She said, “Chose this picture because even though I didn’t seem it, I had awful post-natal with Charlie.” “Talk to others, realize that you’re not alone, and try to be as compassionate as you can since life is so difficult,”

From 2000, when the character was just 10 years old, Helen portrayed Rosie Webster for 18 years. She took maternity leave in 2018 and departed the drama, but she has frequently expressed a desire to return when Charlie is a little older.

“Everything I do at work revolves around the kids,” she said. Therefore, she said, “Maybe when Charlie gets a little older.”

After starring in the first series in 2012, Helen returned to our screens earlier this year in I’m a Celebrity… South Africa.

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