The crime-busting queen of Coronation Street Vicky Myers explains the conflict between DS Swain and Peter Barlow

DS Swain is investigating! (Image from ITV)

Whatever happens, DS Swain is on the case! Coronation Street is a crime hotspot and unquestionably Britain’s top hotspot for serial killers.

Following the passing of Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce), the UK’s busiest detective, DS Swain, has Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) in her sights. Actress Vicky Myers has cautioned the taxi driver to be wary of his new foe!

In an exclusive interview with the Unforgotten and Ackley Bridge star, the actor teased: “Swain being Swain, she wants to get to the truth; that’s her purpose in everything. She must evaluate whether there was malicious intent behind that from a professional standpoint, and an inquiry must be conducted.

It has so many layers, this plot has been developing for so long, and there are so many components that they all need to be looked into.

There will be more turns and twists ahead. According to Swain, she must learn the truth since it is appropriate for the narrative.

Peter drove towards Stephen, who was holding Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) captive and held a shattered bottle to her neck, killing him.

Peter, however, may spend years behind bars due to his rage towards the person who tormented Carla (Alison King), as well as his growing scepticism that Jenny was in any danger.

Peter is definitely in big trouble after Swain arrests him this week on suspicion of murder.

“There are situations when Peter is being interviewed, and I think it’s intriguing from Chris’s standpoint to see how that would effect Peter mentally,” Vicky went on.

Right on target! For Peter, Swain is present. (Image from ITV)
Swain is acting like a dog with a bone in this situation, therefore it’s time for answers (ITV).

We don’t know at that point what he was truly thinking, therefore it has to be looked into, I say as a person. The intensity, the emotions, everything was so amplified.

There will undoubtedly be intriguing moments because so much has caused Peter’s rage, irritation, and animosity toward them.

Many viewers are in a fear for Peter state of mind, especially in light of Chris’ impending departure from the show, but it seems almost universally agreed upon that DS Swain is fast becoming a Corrie legend.

Vicky is modest about her fame, despite the fact that some people have called the character the “greatest part of the plot.”

It can’t simply be down to me or the role, she said with a smile. “I believe that’s credit to the authors and to everyone who’s on the floor truly.

I had hoped but never anticipated this when she originally entered the picture for Seb’s plot! I was scheduled for eight episodes, and here I am after two and a half years!

A detective character might very easily become part of the background, a mere plot device to further the criminal story they are involved in—this has happened many times before.

Vicky believes that the fact that DS Swain has grown into a complex individual is the reason why audiences adore her.

She thought, “One of the wonderful things about her is that she’s nobody’s fool. She represents many of the matriarchal ladies I knew growing up, in my opinion. That has been passed down through the centuries and truly captures her.

She is Northern, doesn’t tolerate criticism from anybody, but is also professional, clever, and willing to push boundaries.

She doesn’t hesitate to take chances, which I truly admire! I adore portraying her, and the response has been fantastic. She has won the hearts of many people, who adore her in particular for her one-liners!

The response to her alter persona is all over social media, and Vicky is just as pleased to see hate for Swain as she is love.

Any response is preferable than ambivalence, after all.

Vicky Myers has appeared in the films The Long Shadow, Unforgotten, and Ackley Bridge.

She insisted, “There are also a lot of individuals who genuinely hate her.” “I don’t mind that either, and I would much prefer it to be the case since you’ve elicited an emotion and a response, and let’s face it, the world isn’t like that!

People are free to express their ideas. I believe I’m performing the job correctly, delivering her effectively, and treating her fairly. I’m overjoyed.’

Along with the Stephen investigation and the Seb hate crime case (which, let’s face it, Swain botched), the character has also been in charge of other cases including the rape of Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney) and the murder of Imran Habeeb.

Vicky exclaimed, “I actually have the best job because with Swain, she gets the best opportunity since I get to work with so many different individuals, various families, and in different settings!”

And until the major Stephen tragedies, there can be no more famous family than the Platts, with whom Swain initially became involved with Max’s far-right training.

‘It’s a different energy in the Platts, the humour that’s involved, the dryness, the wittiness, the Northern humour and the sensitive touch where it’s the banter but it’s deep rooted with love, the bickering…you can go straight into the middle of that and it’s just a joy.’

Swain has played a key role in a number of instances, including the inquiry into the rape of Amy (Image: ITV).

Speaking of highly diverse parts, Vicky just had a crucial part in the Yorkshire Ripper retelling The Long Shadow, which drama aficionados may recognize her from.

Vicky took great delight in playing the part of genuine officer WPC Sue Neave in the inquiry.

It was a true honor to be a part of and share that tale. Sue Neave is a real person and a genuine WPC who worked on the case at the time, thus she also helps to bring George Kay’s words to life. They provided me the time I needed to chat with her and do some research.

She said, “What was particularly remarkable for me was that I couldn’t name one of the ladies who had either been assaulted and survived or cruelly abducted – that was something that I really wanted to alter.” She reflected on the case as a whole and the significance of bringing attention to it.

“I was really appreciative of the education I had, and they are now, quite rightfully, being introduced into people’s life and that tale is being shared,” said the student.

“It was extremely hard for me to understand that that’s really how it was,” she said. “It was also to hear about their families and also that it wasn’t a life decision to go out and chose to be a sex worker.”

Vicky is now occupied in Coronation Street, where DI Swain is focusing on Peter. Next month, she will also take on a whole unrelated case, though we’re not saying anything about it just yet.

Vicky is happy to continue donning Swain’s costume as long as there are crimes on Corrie, and she is happy that the character is maintained by the establishment.

Peter’s life is becoming increasingly chaotic. (Image from ITV)

‘To have that faith is really pretty significant. They’ve trusted me to deliver and to cooperate with everyone, even though I’m not a regular cast member. That definitely gives me the courage to use it!

It may occasionally be a little nerve-wracking because this is Coronation Street; icons like Barbara Knox or Sue Nicholls are passing you in the hallway; these are people we’ve grown up watching and then they’re there, right in front of you.

It can be a little intimidating, but once you realize that everyone is doing their hardest, you realize that, despite how corny it may seem, the family is actually happy. On the first day I strolled down the cobbles, I felt very much like I was coming home since everyone is so hospitable, including the actors and staff.

I was quite excited, but I wasn’t intimidated since, of course, I had been watching this street my entire life, so it seemed like home. There’s always work to be done, so I allowed myself to take a little bit of pride in that, but not too much.

Nothing could be more accurate about our crime-fighting queen Swain, whose schedule will be busier than ever the rest of the year.

If she is the one to knock Peter down, separating him from Carla (RIP #Carter? ), it will be difficult to maintain her popularity.

But Swain can do it if anyone can!

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