Video spoiler for Emmerdale: a devastated Sam sobs in a moving scene

In Emmerdale, Sam Dingle (James Hooton) eventually removes his disguise after crying over Lydia’s (Karen Blick) rape.

This week, Lydia revealed to several members of the Dingle family that Craig (Ben Addis) had attacked her.

Following that, with Sam’s assistance, Lydia went to the police station to report the incident. When Lydia and Sam got home, they sat down to inform Samson (Sam Hall), but the young man’s initial response was callous and rude toward his stepmother since he couldn’t believe Craig would be able to do such a terrible thing.

Fortunately, Samson’s attitude changed. He expressed regret to Lydia and asked how he could assist.

Sam battles (Image from ITV)
Lydia told Mandy, Belle and Sam that she was raped (Picture: ITV)

Helping Lydia has been everybody’s priority but in this new video, we’re reminded of the importance that comes with looking after your own wellbeing and emotions as well.

At Home Farm, Will (Dean Andrews) talks to Kim (Claire King) about Lydia’s rape. They are interrupted by the arrival of Sam, who informs Kim and Will that Lydia is just about ‘coping’.

Just as Kim leaves, Sam tries to distract himself by talking about the broken fence on the grounds. Will then goes to make a tea, clearly trying to find a way he can support his friend.

The poor Sam then starts crying. He has been entirely focused on helping Lydia this week and hasn’t given himself any time to reflect on how the situation has affected him.

Will Sam, however, talk to Will?

or keep everything sealed up?

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