Zainab Masood’s potential reappearance is hinted at by former EastEnders actor Nina Wadia.

Nina Wadia, a former EastEnders actor, has stated that Zainab Masood may return to the serial opera in the future.

Wadia has stated that she is “confident” she will return to Albert Square at some time. Wadia is slated to narrate the children’s stop-motion television series Tweedy and Fluff. Between 2007 and 2013, the actress and comedian who portrayed Zainab left the BBC series to seek other performing opportunities.

Wadia said to OK! magazine, “I was sad. Part of me longed to go. “I found myself climbing the walls with only playing Zainab since I didn’t like playing the same character for so long.

“They were nice to me on the program in not killing her off, and I’m sure I’ll come back at some time,” she said.

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Zainab is still one of the roles for which Wadia is best recognized, despite the fact that she has since left EastEnders and acted in programs like Death in Paradise and Netflix’s The Sandman.

She remarked, “I still get called Zainab when I’m out and about, and soap fans frequently ask me if I’m going to come back.

Even though I left more than ten years ago, “I still get asked when I’m coming back to EastEnders, and if I love Masood!”

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The star of Count Abdulla was also open about the drawbacks of being a regular in a soap opera.

She added, “I’m so delighted I did EastEnders, it raised my profile to another level.” However, one drawback of working in soap is that you never know how long you should stay because it might also ruin your career.

Wadia previously spoke about her difficulties leaving EastEnders, claiming that “no casting director would touch me” because she had been too strongly identified with her position in the serial opera.

BBC One broadcasts EastEnders from Monday through Thursday at 7.30 p.m. The program is also available on BBC iPlayer.

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