Emmerdale reveals the passing of Tom King and Belle Dingle

Below are Emmerdale spoilers.

Next week, Belle Dingle in Emmerdale learns about a tragic passing.

When Belle learns that her lover Tom King has tragically lost his mother, she is astounded.

This week’s television adaptation of the plot starts when Belle discovers that Tom looks to be having a problem.

Tom is obviously tense, but when Belle asks him why, he declines to answer.

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Only the next week does Belle discover that Tom’s mother has gone away.

Tom puts up a façade and tries to conceal his genuine emotions after he learns that Belle is aware of the truth. Can Belle get Tom to open up to her?

Numerous of Tom’s tales since his return to the town this year have focused on his conflicts with his late father Carl King.

Tom was sensitive to any mention of his father since he was having a hard time accepting Carl’s troubled history.

Danny Miller, a star of Emmerdale, rejects the idea of Aaron having a family plot.

Fans started to believe that Tom could also have a dark side, but James Chase, who plays him, subsequently refuted this.

In June, James said in an exclusive interview: “I think it’s easy to say that, because of the things that transpired over a decade ago when he was younger. It’s simple to believe that.

“But to me, I see Tom as [someone who has] turned over a new leaf now. I think he’s put that behind him.”

He added: “What I can say is that [we’re] going to continue that interesting story between him and Belle.

“It’s going to showcase the love between them and it will stay interesting for the audience.”

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