Fans of EastEnders try to guess which legendary character is coming back.

Could David Wicks be returning to the Square soon? (Image: BBC)

EastEnders fans have been doing what they do well in attempting to unravel the riddle of who it is that is about to stage a comeback after news of another impending return.

Cindy Beale’s historic homecoming on the BBC One soap opera in particular has everyone talking after a succession of dramatic returns over the previous year.

However, Cindy could be to blame for the appearance of yet another well-known figure in Walford. The well-known figure is adamant on making a home in the Square and wants to convey it to her children Anna and Gina.

The matriarch is eager to launch her own business but has had trouble finding investors after her failed attempts to court the Panesars. However, when she learns that the pawnshop has another interested buyer, she quickly comes up with a plan and meets with the individual to negotiate a deal.

In an effort to allay Ian’s (Adam Woodyatt) fears, Cindy reveals that the second interested individual is also a former resident of Walford. Ian (Adam Woodyatt) isn’t keen on such a move, but Cindy is convinced that it will pay off.

Fans of EastEnders are scrambling to figure out who the mysterious persona is in light of the recent revelation. Are we about to see another previous stalwart make a comeback?

Fans are certain that they have already determined who it will be since it definitely appears that way.

One person yelled, “DAVID WICKS OMG I’ll BE SOOO HAPPY,” while another said, “Please let it be David Wicks.”

Viewers will recall that David Wicks was last spotted in 2014, but during his first appearance in the Square in the middle of the 1990s, he had an affair with Cindy, who was Ian’s wife at the time.

Chaos broke out in classic EastEnders manner.

You can see why Cindy has held off on telling Ian who the mystery returnee is if this assumption is accurate and David turns out to be him after all!

Cindy formerly had a relationship with David Wicks (Image: BBC).

Although David may seem like the obvious choice, there are other characters in the mix. Some fans think that Cindy’s new business partner may really be Simon “Wicksy” Wicks, David’s brother, with whom she is infamous for cheating on Ian in the 1980s.

Aside from Cindy’s past lovers, Max Branning and Dean Wicks were identified by a few viewers as potential comeback candidates.

Could Max make a reappearance too, given that Lauren, his daughter, will be moving back to Walford in the upcoming months?

Meanwhile, many believe that it’s just a matter of time before we see Dean return on our screens as part of the impending Christmas plot, which involves a dead body, as he was referenced on-screen earlier this year during the historic flash-forward episode.

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