Rita Simons, a former cast member of EastEnders, gets a second new job in addition to joining another serial.

In addition to her current role on Channel 4’s Hollyoaks, EastEnders actress Rita Simons has joined the cast of a brand-new pantomime.

The actress will appear in a performance of Beauty and the Beast at Assembly Hall Theatre in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, from December 9–31. She is best known for portraying Roxy Mitchell in the BBC One serial opera.

Abigail Greene, James Peake, and Stewart McCheyne are all included in the cast, and tickets are currently available.

Rita’s new theater role was announced months after it was made official that she will appear in Hollyoaks.

Rita will work alongside Glynis Barber, who once starred in EastEnders as Roxy’s mother Glenda.

The Norma Crow actor recently expressed how happy she is to be collaborating with Rita once more and hinted that they could be planning to work closely together once more.

“I am beyond happy that Rita, who played my daughter in EastEnders, will be joining Hollyoaks!”

Soon, the actress will appear in Hollyoaks. (Image from Shutterstock)
The character of Roxy Mitchell in which Rita is most remembered (Photo: BBC)

“She’s a lovely girl, I adore her, she’s a buddy of mine, and she’s tremendous fun with a great energy. I think there will be some very exciting days ahead!”

“With Rita entering the picture, there are so many possible narratives that may develop.”

What will those narratives be, and where will they go with this, are the major questions. I only hope Norma will have some sort of role in it.

There was a big buzz about Rita joining the program once her casting was announced, according to a source who spoke to Metro.co.uk at the time: “She’s a wonderful signing!”

The character will be at the center of some extremely significant tales and have a significant influence. The bosses have great plans for her.

To suggest she will cause a commotion would be an understatement.

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