Video spoiler for Coronation Street: Ryan gets a passionate kiss with Daisy

The moment Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) and Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) finally give in to their affections for one another and start to become passionate is shown in a new Coronation Street spoiler video.

After a harrowing experience, Ryan unintentionally sprays himself with soda as Gav (Noah Olaoye) and Max (Paddy Bever) are playing about. Ryan attacks Gav and pins him to the ground as the acid attack trauma manifests and he becomes crimson.

Ryan breaks down to Daisy and confesses to using steroids as she steps in to stop him from seriously hurting Gav. He makes the decision that a new beginning and a clean slate are necessary.

He posts a message to his fans on social media, but this time he doesn’t use a filter to disguise his face as he makes the announcement that he will no longer use the platform and would instead live his life genuinely moving forward.

Ryan hits Gav. (Image from ITV)

Ryan made a bold decision, and Daisy, who is watching the livestream, is inspired by his bravery. She approaches him to express her pride in him.

She grabs him and says, “You were extremely courageous. Soon after they hug, they kiss.

He queries her, “Are you sure about this?”

She responds, “No,” but kisses him once more until her coat falls to the ground as the two become engrossed in the moment.

I’m sorry! (Image from ITV)
Ryan has been earning money by offering private movies and photos for sale online (ITV).

Daisy and Ryan have what Charlotte Jordan refers to as a “trauma bond” because they were both involved in the acid attack and are the only two people who can relate to what it was like to have been there. Ryan unknowingly ingested the full force of acid that was intended to disfigure Daisy.

Daisy can’t help being pulled to Ryan, Charlotte said, even if she is in love with Daniel.

She attempted to keep them apart and said, “She understands right from wrong, but once she’s in a private place with Ryan, it all appears to go out the window and she absolutely follows her heart and lives to regret it every time.” But she seems powerless to stop herself.

Obviously, this passionate event will have significant consequences. Will it ultimately spell Daisy and Daniel’s demise or just more heartache for Ryan?

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