April Windsor from Emmerdale will reveal Cathy Hope’s pregnancy strategy.

Below are Emmerdale spoilers.

In forthcoming Emmerdale scenes, April Windsor will disclose Cathy Hope’s pregnancy plan.

April was just informed by Cathy that she intended to become pregnant through Samson Dingle, a love interest who is already the father of a small kid with Amelia Spencer.

With her Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), which can result in heavy periods and mood swings, the youngster devised this scheme as a coping mechanism.

For the past nine months, Cathy has conducted research on how pregnancy may lessen or even eliminate PMDD symptoms altogether. How far Cathy was prepared to go for any relief astounded April.

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In forthcoming scenes, April makes the decision that she must divulge what her buddy had informed her in order to prevent Cathy from carrying out her scheme.

Samson confronts his love interest about the accusations after being appalled to learn that Cathy was attempting to manipulate him.

As soon as Bob and Leyla visit the B&B to generate business, Cathy and April begin to argue.

When daughter Cathy and best friend April are in the midst of a heated argument, Bob becomes agitated.

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Samson is left wondering why Cathy was attempting to get close to him, while April and Cathy may have a permanent gap as a result of April’s admission.

As a result of Lydia Dingle, Samson’s stepmother, lately telling her loved ones that her ex-boyfriend Craig had sexually abused her, Samson has already been dealing with trauma within his own family.

Will Cathy take heed to this unexpected development?

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