Details on Jacqueline Jossa’s significant EastEnders comeback as Lauren Branning are provided.

Lauren is returning to Walford. (Image: BBC)

Jacqueline Jossa, an EastEnders star, has spoken about her forthcoming return and said that it will be as permanent as one can be in a soap opera.

Following a brief comeback in June, it was announced this month that Jacqueline, who played Lauren Branning on the BBC One soap opera, would be repeating her character more often.

Fans, who had long hoped for a full-time comeback, were overjoyed by the announcement, and Jacqueline was quick to allay viewers’ concerns during a recent livestream on Instagram when asked how long she would be returning for.

I haven’t really appeared on the show or mentioned that I’m returning to EastEnders. How bizarre is that? she asked her audience.

I haven’t mentioned anything at all, I said.

It is as enduring as everybody present is. Of course, you are always subject to being written off, but this time, it’s a back-to-back visit rather than a quick stop.

Jacqueline will play the same character again (Image: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

“I believe it has been very nice lately.” I’m truly concerned that I’ll return and damage everything.

Jacqueline, who five years ago quit working on EastEnders full-time, has made two comebacks recently.

The first time was in December for the burial of Dot Cotton, and the second time was in June of this year for a special episode with a French theme in which Lauren was reunited with Peter Beale (Thomas Law).

Jacqueline expressed her excitement upon learning of her impending reappearance, saying: “I’m incredibly delighted. The excitement around EastEnders at the moment makes it such a wonderful time to return.

“I’ve been enjoying it like a fan,” you say.

“I hold a special place in my heart for Walford, so it truly feels like coming home.”

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