Does Tim Metcalfe intend to leave Coronation Street? After the Stephen Reid attack, Weatherfield’s favorite’s future was revealed

Tim was the victim of a severe assault by Stephen Reid (ITV).

Even as the plot came to a close, one Weatherfield favorite’s fate remained uncertain. Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) may have met a horrific end on Coronation Street.

Tim Metcalfe was brutally attacked by the killer in the moments before Stephen was killed by Peter Barlow’s automobile, leaving him gravely hurt and imprisoned in the boot of the vehicle that Stephen later lit on fire.

on images shown on Monday night’s program, he ultimately managed to escape despite being abandoned to die in the middle of the woods.

Although Tim’s struggle may be ended for the time being, does this mean that his time on Coronation Street is coming to an end?

Here’s what to anticipate:

Does Tim Metcalfe intend to leave Coronation Street?
There is currently no indication that Tim Metcalfe will leave Coronation Street anytime soon.

However, even though the Stephen Reid narrative was about to come to a dramatic end, Joe Duttine continued to make hints about a potential leave.

He said, “Working on Coronation Street has been an amazing delight and has been absolutely great for me.”

So, if that is the character’s fate, then so be it, and I will just be thankful for the time I’ve had here. Of course, I’d be devastated, but that’s how the program works.

As we now know, Tim survived Stephen’s assault despite being stranded in his car’s boot for two days.

He used a screwdriver to unlock the boot before falling to the ground and using his radio to speak with the person on the other end of the line, who turned out to be Peter Barlow.

He started wandering through the woods to attempt to obtain aid as the hunt for him intensified; he ultimately succeeded in doing so after reaching a road and waving down a car.

We’ll have to keep watching to see what impact recent events may have on Tim, even though he may have survived and been reunited with Sally.

After discovering a corpse in the canal, Stephen attacked Tim (Image: ITV).

Joe said of the plot, “It’s good to stretch the acting muscles a little bit, have the opportunity to get out and do things that’s a challenge and flex your creative muscles a little bit.” I really enjoyed it.

“I’ve wanted to catch a bad guy for a while!” I’ve wanted to get Phelan ever since Phelan. Because of what he was doing to Faye, I didn’t want Phelan to get away with it. Tim finally had the opportunity to contribute to the downfall of the evil. So yes, I like each and every minute.

ITV will air the continuation of Coronation Street on Wednesday at 8 p.m.

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