New Jay Brown twist in EastEnders iPlayer episode

Following are spoilers for the Wednesday, October 18, BBC iPlayer episode of EastEnders. Since the episode hasn’t yet aired on BBC One, some viewers might wish to skip over certain plot specifics.

In the episode that aired today (October 18), EastEnders’ Jay Brown was left regretting his most recent behavior.

For the past few weeks, Jay has been in a downward spiral as a result of his unrelenting sadness at the loss of his wife Lola.

Jay started using drugs after becoming acquainted with sex worker Nadine, much to the worry of his buddy Callum, who reported him to the police.

In Wednesday’s episode, which is currently available to see on BBC iPlayer, Jay was still having a hard time coping and lost his cool when Billy suggested dispersing Lola’s ashes.

Jay then continued to binge-drink in the Square. When Honey noticed this, she made an effort to talk to him.

He then went to Peggy’s and tried half-heartedly to talk to Priya, the newbie.

At his lowest point, Jay ultimately ran into Nadine again and said that it’s her he really wants, not the drugs.

They soon fell asleep together, but this just made Jay feel guilty and depressed even more.

In the scenes that will air the following week, Jay’s deeds will come back to haunt him as his loved ones turn their backs on him.

The plot is finally laying the groundwork for Jay to experience a catastrophic catastrophe while traveling to Margate as he continues to lose control.

Recently, Jamie Borthwick, who portrays Jay, remarked of his mental state: “He’s down, he’s at rock bottom. He has turned to using drugs since he is at a loss on what to do.

He appears to be having problem after problem, and he’s probably never felt this bad.Although there is a relationship with Gina, he is really on his own. Gina is there, but she has been advised not to get involved by her own family.

BBC One broadcasts EastEnders from Monday through Thursday at 7.30 p.m. The program is also available on BBC iPlayer.

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