On the anniversary of the storm, Emmerdale viewers observe a “snub” for one character.

Below are Emmerdale spoilers.

On the first anniversary of the fatal storm, viewers of the soap opera Emmerdale have observed a “snub” for one character.

In a week of heartbreaking episodes, the soap said goodbye to Faith Dingle a year ago this month as friends and family gathered her as she passed away from cancer.

Around the same day, a severe storm made landfall in the Dales, which contributed to the deaths of local policewoman Harriet Finch and actress Liv Dingle.

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This week, the Dingle family came together to toast Faith’s memory as part of the ITV1 soap opera’s commemoration of the family’s losses.

This week, the lasting effects of Liv’s death have also played a significant role, as her brother Aaron Dingle was advised by her husband Vinny not to escape from his sorrow once more.

Unfortunately, Harriet wasn’t given any such tribute, as the characters most closely associated with her — Will and Dawn Taylor — didn’t make any special mention of her passing.

Some viewers were disappointed to see such a significant character like Harriet somewhat ignored during the tributes to last year’s deceased characters.

“Everyone s remembering Liv But what about poor Harriet? Does no-one give a toss?” one person wrote on Twitter / X.

Danny Miller, a star of Emmerdale, rejects the idea of Aaron having a family plot.

No mention of Harriet, another person inquired. Did she pass away on this day last year, too?

One spectator simply remarked, “Do none of the peasants give a crap about Harriet?”

Katherine Dow Blyton declared that she will “very much miss” playing the vicar-turned-policewoman when Harriet was fatally wounded last October.

“I adored joining Emmerdale, and the fact that she was taking over as the vicar was what really inspired me to play Harriet. I like portraying the vicar because of her flaws and quirky personality, the actress stated.

“I adored the character, and she had a great sense of humor. She is definitely with me, but I will miss her terribly. Not too much separates us.

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