Ash Palmisciano, an Emmerdale star, shares a shocking Christmas twist.

The holiday season is almost approaching! (Image from ITV)

Large-scale sequences for this Christmas in the village have been promised by Emmerdale’s Ash Palmisciano.

The collision involving Charity (Emma Atkins), Mack (Lawrence Robb), and Chloe (Jessie Elland) will launch a new plotline, according to the actor who portrays Matty Barton in the ITV soap opera, and will result in the emotional scenes during the holiday season.

Mackenzie, Charity, and Chloe were engaged in an automobile accident that sent their car dangling precariously over a cliff during Super Soap Week.

Mack was able to escape, but he was then forced to make the dreadful decision of whether to save Charity by taking her hand or Chloe.

Because Mack decided to save Charity just before the car dropped, the mother of his kid plunged down a cliff and is currently being treated for many injuries in a hospital.

As the year comes to an end, Ash spoke to The Mirror about the scenes and what lies ahead:

We have Christmas coming up, and we’re already starting to film it, so I’m not just suggesting that it will have a significant influence on the village. After the collision, something unexpected happens, a character who might not be engaged right now becomes involved, and a lot of other things happen. Some fan favorites are involved in this plot, and it’s going to be huge around Christmas.

Super Soap Week featured the crash (Image: ITV).

There is some very great things going on, and some major personalities are engaged.

Laura Shaw, the executive producer of Emmerdale, has also been teasing viewers about Christmas.

We have some big plans, but she assured us, “I have been sworn to silence on this one! What I can say is that this Christmas is quite different in tone from the past couple of years, when we kind of did a brighter, fluffier Christmas for Emmerdale.

Following his decision to choose Charity over Chloe, Mackenzie is struggling with remorse (ITV image).

“Much of it is destined for us for Christmas, and I can assure you that probably not every one of our people will be sitting down to their turkey with all the fixings on Christmas day.”

She said, “We all adore a soap baby!” as she considered the various plotlines this year.
We are aware that Dawn and Billy are expecting a child, who, as is customary for newborns born in soap operas, is expected around Christmas. It’s either Super Soap Week or Christmas every year.

However, a new baby is entering our family. But this one won’t exactly be the good news for Billy and Dawn, and it will come as a great shock to one of our Emmerdale couples. Their once-strong marriage will suffer a significant crack as a result, practically turning their lives upside down. You’ll have to make a guess as to who that may be.

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