Cain Dingle from Emmerdale plans to exact cruel justice on Craig Reed.

In this narrative, rape and sexual assault are discussed.

Below are Emmerdale spoilers.

In Emmerdale, Cain Dingle has hinted at a plan to exact horrific retribution on the rapist Craig Reed.

Over the last week, Lydia has been telling her loved ones that her ex-boyfriend Craig sexually attacked her. Understandably, emotions have varied from sadness to rage.

In the episode that aired on Wednesday, October 18, Lydia and Sam were still in shock following Samson’s extremely public admission of what Craig had done.

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Belle offered to walk with Lydia to and from her appointment the next day with a crisis counselor as part of her support for Lydia.

Samson reassured her, “We’re all dead proud of you and we simply want to see you through this.”

Samson’s disclosure had angered him back at the farm, and he gave his son the assignment to personally apologize to Lydia for his actions.

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As part of her support for Lydia, Belle volunteered to walk with her to and from her appointment the next day with a crisis counselor.

We’re all really proud of you, and we just want to see you through this,” Samson comforted her.

Back at the farm, Samson’s revelation had infuriated him, and he had given his son the task of personally apologizing to Lydia for his behavior.

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Later, at Home Farm, Will consoled Sam after he started crying. Sam was given the afternoon off by Will, who also had an emotional conversation with him over a drink.

Sam was unaware that Will had texted Cain to come over. Due to Sam’s need for assistance, the two guys volunteered to “bury the hatchet.”

Sam admitted to Cain that he felt “less of a man” since he couldn’t get revenge on Craig before Will left the two Dingles alone.

Cain said, “You’ve got to let it go, or at least attempt to.”

Sam argued that he couldn’t just go on, saying that the situation was making him crazy. He was reminded by Cain that they may deal with Craig through the legal system—or the Dingle Law.

Sam responded, “Lydia stated she absolutely doesn’t want [something] like that.

She’s in no condition to understand what it’s doing to you, Cain continued.

Then, if Sam truly wanted it, he would “sort it” for him, saying: “You only have to give me the word?”

Will Craig finally be “sorted” by the Dingles?

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