Emmerdale spoilers: shocking new connection, tragic death, and hospital turmoil

Next week will bring strain from surgery and romantic secrets (ITV).

As our brand-new episode guide explains what’s coming up, day by day, in Emmerdale next week, there are dangerous secrets and awful news.

Victoria Barton (Isabel Hodgins) and her ex-stepson Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant) become increasingly tempted to one another, eventually sleeping together.

The danger becomes extremely serious when a careless David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) nearly catches them.

But will they be able to cancel it?

Gail Loman (Rachael Gill-Davis), in another scene, finds out she is a match for son Oscar and has surgery; nevertheless, will it be successful?

And after Tom King (James Chase) receives devastating news, Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) attempts to be there for him.

Monday, October 23

Belle hears Tom’s distressing news (ITV image)

When Belle finds out that Tom’s mother has died away, she is startled. When Tom learns that Belle is aware of the passing of his mother, he puts up a front.

When a choice is made, someone receives a tremendous surprise.

Tuesday, October 24

On a second date that Jacob unintentionally consented to, David has urged Jacob to offer an explanation. As a jealous Victoria looks on, Jacob offers to go out for a drink with David’s date, Abby, out of sympathy.

The energy between Jacob and Victoria heats up as he bids Abby goodbye, and soon they are sharing a passionate kiss.

Victoria abruptly breaks away and dashes off after coming to her senses, but Jacob is left ecstatic.

Temptation increases (Image from ITV)

Later, when David hears Victoria’s words of consolation as something more, he is given a glimpse of hope. When Victoria can’t bring herself to let Jacob leave after he collars her, Jacob seizes the opportunity and leans in for a kiss.

When Ryan learns that he is not Oscar’s match, he is upset.

Ryan is being consoled by Marlon, but there is a noticeable sense of relief when a panicked Gail rushes in to say that, despite all the odds, she and Oscar are a match.

Wednesday, October 25

An really close shave (Image: ITV)

David resists Pollard’s efforts to persuade him to change the subject since Victoria is on his mind. He embarks on a quest to begin mending bridges.

After spending the night together, Victoria and Jacob are taken aback when David shows up unexpectedly. Following an embarrassing encounter, Victoria is able to get rid of David, who is left perplexed by how things turned out.

Jacob is later glad to learn that David has accepted that his relationship with Victoria is finished, but it quickly becomes apparent that is not the case when he departs.

Prior to the procedure, Gail is ready to meet Oscar, but Ryan is anxious to meet his baby for the first time.

Gail and Oscar start a storm in the hospital, but Ryan hesitates, feeling out of place.

Ryan, who is relieved, manages to get in when the topic of conversation is music. As she observes, Sophie feels torn about the relationship that is developing.

Marlon tells Gail to be cautious near Oscar’s adoptive mother when they return to the Woolpack.

Thursday, October 26

Oscar’s life will alter as a result of the procedure (ITV).

Ryan, who is anxious, encourages Gail as he delivers her to surgery. They both believe they may now participate in Oscar’s life.

Samson is shocked when April reveals Cathy’s strategy. Samson, who is upset and incredulous, asks Cathy for clarification. Bob stumbles into April and Cathy fighting while on a tour of the B&B.

Friday, October 27

Leyla decides to find out who Jacob’s secret girlfriend is since she thinks she could be dating her.

Ryan manages the operation’s aftermath elsewhere.

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