Iconic Emmerdale character gets first TV role after fading from view

Robert Sugden in Emmerdale
Ryan has returned to our screens. (Image from ITV)

Ryan Hawley, who starred in Emmerdale, will be making a comeback in the most recent season of the well-regarded television drama All Creatures Great And Small.

In the well-liked Channel 5 drama, which is the most recent adaptation of the book series of the same name and follows a beloved BBC version that aired from 1978 to 1990, the Robert Sugden actor will portray farmer Sid Crabtree.

Due to his health, Sid, his wife Elsie, and their children move to the Dales. Sid has taken up farming.

Ryan’s previous TV appearance was in Silent Witness, when he played Michael Robson for two episodes and had a lengthy hairdo and beard. This will be his first TV job in almost two years.

Fans of the ITV serial opera Emmerdale were eager to see the actor return as Robert, especially after Danny Miller, who portrayed his love interest Aaron Dingle, made a shocking comeback last week.

Robron, as Robert and Aaron were known to viewers, became one of the most popular couples in soap opera history because to their narrative.

Ryan left the program in 2019 when Robert was detained and later sentenced to jail (Image: ITV).

However, once Ryan decided to quit the show, Robert and Aaron’s love story unfortunately came to an end in 2019 and they were brutally torn apart.

In his last appearances, Robert is seen being taken into custody by the police after turning himself in for the attack on Lee Posner, who had sexually assaulted his sister Victoria Barton.

Danny recently spoke on the potential for Ryan to stage a comeback, adding that devoted fans continue to approach him about Robron on a daily basis.

He told Inside Soap, “I’m astonished! Every day I still receive letters from people asking, “Bring back Robron!” I’d want to collaborate with Ryan once more, but we’ll see if I can convince him.

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