Officially returning to Coronation Street shooting is Lucy Fallon, and Bethany Platt has a striking new appearance.

It is official that Lucy Fallon is starting up production on Coronation Street once more as Bethany Platt.

In 2020, Bethany departed the Cobbles. She made the decision to follow her heart and go to London for a new job, but doing so meant parting ways with the man she had fallen for, Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard).

When Lucy appears on our screens around Christmas, she will be thrust into the midst of Stephen Reid’s (Todd Boyce) fallout.

There is no question that the Bethany who left Weatherfield three years ago will be different from the one we’ll meet again soon. It also seems that her time in London has caused her to go through a little bit of a change.

In a recent video posted by the Coronation Street Twitter/X account, Lucy declared that today (October 19) was her first day of filming since returning.

When Sarah needs assistance coping with the disaster Stephen Reid left behind, will Bethany be there to provide it? (Image from ITV)

The actress, who gave birth to Sonny Jude earlier this year, expressed her excitement and nervousness about returning to the program.

Daniel’s adored wife Sinead Tinker (Katie McGlynn), who was seen wearing a rainbow-colored sweater, jewelry, and a red leather skirt, may be seen in Lucy’s outfit.

It’s clear that Bethany has matured considerably while she’s been away, but how will it affect the plot of her return?

She’ll return around Christmas (Image credit: ITV).
Bethany departed for a job in London (ITV image)

While we still don’t fully understand what brought Bethany back to the cobbles, Charlotte Jordan recently hinted that it’s possible that her character, Daisy Midgeley, would end up participating in a love triangle plot with Bethany and Daniel.

She told Inside Soap, “I anticipate there will be another love triangle!”

“Lucy and I chatted at the Inside Soap Awards, and we’re both excited to work together.”

Ideally, Daisy and Bethany will clash before becoming friends. It would be wonderful if Daisy could have a pal.

Could Daisy and Ryan (Ryan Prescott), who are now engaged in a plot that sees them struggling to conceal their infidelity, wind up dating only for Daniel to reconcile with Bethany?

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