Spoilers for Coronation Street: Stephen kills Michael from the afterlife

Michael encounters difficulty (Image from ITV)

After being engaged in Stephen Reid’s (Todd Boyce) final week on Coronation Street, Michael Bailey (Ryan Russell) is left feeling a little silly.

Stephen returned to Underworld shortly after making his escape plans for Thailand in an effort to steal more money from the company.

In order to move the money to a phony bank account, Stephen was able to trick Michael into granting him access to Underworld’s bank account. When Carla (Alison King) saw what was happening, she erupted in rage at Michael falling for Stephen’s ruse and stopped Michael from helping.

Peter (Chris Gascoyne) ran over the businessman, ending his reign of terror. Even though Stephen is dead, he still causes problems for the people of Weatherfield, and Michael is at the top of the list.

Ed (Trevor Michael Georges), who is advancing, is on pins and needles as he watches the races after betting Michael’s £1000 on a horse. When the horse wins, Ed hides the winnings from Michael and Dee-Dee (Channique Sterling-Brown) by placing the money in a bag in the hallway when he gets home.

Michael is confronted by DS Swain (ITV image).

Later, upon heading to Underworld to attempt to gain his job back, Michael grabs the bag without knowing what’s inside.

He is shocked, though, when DS Swain (Vicky Myers) shows up and asks to speak with him about the money Stephen took.

After responding to DS Swain’s inquiries, Michael opens his luggage and is surprised to see a sizable amount of cash.

Ed is shocked to see Michael being taken away in a police car after DS Swain counts the money on the theory that he conspired with Stephen to swindle Underworld.

Will Ed, however, come clean so that Michael won’t spend time in jail?

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