Suki Panesar mystery is revisited on EastEnders

Spoilers for EastEnders follow.

Suki Panesar’s mysterious symptoms have come up again in EastEnders.

Suki caused anxiety earlier in the year when her hair began to come out all of a sudden. She first attempted to ignore the sensations, but finally she attributed them to nervousness.

In recent weeks, the mystery was overshadowed by Suki’s efforts to show that Ravi Gulati killed a family friend named Ranveer and her concealment of Nugget’s escape from Walford.

Suki was also the subject of a frightening scenario in which her husband Nish violently coerced her into abandoning her concerns regarding Ravi.

Suki excused herself from the significant reunion between Ravi and his former lover Priya in the episode that aired on Wednesday (October 18), and she was clearly feeling worse for wear.

Later, as Suki was going to leave the home, Nish questioned her, but she maintained she only wanted some fresh air.

Suki was weeping in a corner of the Minute Mart when viewers next saw her. She yanked a clump of hair out with her palm as she removed it from the back of her neck.

Suki sobbed as she regarded the hairball in her hands as the Wednesday episode came to a close. Suki is in for a challenging few months even though it’s unclear what exactly is wrong with her right now.

The revelation of Suki’s relationship with Eve Unwin will happen before the end of the season, according to producer Chris Clenshaw.

Clenshaw said Inside Soap that “Suki finally takes a pretty major decision this fall, which has tremendous ramifications.”

Nish will learn about her and Eve, but I won’t say anything further since I know everyone is anxious to discover how Nish will respond.

BBC One broadcasts EastEnders from Monday through Thursday at 7.30 p.m. The program is also available on BBC iPlayer.

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