Emmerdale hints: Is Kim Tate involved in a hot winter romance?

Kim has recently been really quiet. (Image from ITV)

This winter, an Emmerdale character is going to have a passionate affair and seriously jeopardize their marriage.

And the leading suspect is Kim Tate (Claire King), which might be terrible news for Will Taylor (Dean Andrews).

Even though the pair has only been married for a little over a year, minx Kim is no stranger to sultry extramarital affairs.

Many will have good memories of her romance with Dave Glover, whom she fell deeply for when she was married to the unfortunate Frank Tate.

Kim may already be breaking her marriage vows after show creator Laura Shaw promised a surprise betrayal before the end of the year.

Many people have questioned how the erstwhile superbitch was subdued. Many people are appreciating the warm relationships she has developed with Mary Goskirk (Louise Jameson) and Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick).

This is very much in line with Kim’s personality because she once developed a warm, unexpected connection with Seth Armstrong.

Heartbreak occurs when passions flare (Image: Metro.co.uk/ITV)

She does, however, have a malicious and impish side to her. When she initially got back, she enjoyed making fun of every villager and then hired a hit man to kill Joe Tate.

But recently, she has become much more subdued, even giving Harriet Finch a free pass for trying her luck with Will.

Is it time for the old Kim to emerge once more?

‘We love an affair in soap, so we’ve got a very passionate, hot affair coming up between two individuals, and one of them at the moment is supposedly quite happily married,’ producer Laura said in an interview with

“The incident will have far-reaching effects.” It will have an impact on many of our villages.

Additionally, Brenda Walker and Eric Pollard have been very silent lately. Could Billy and Dawn be in for a controversy before the birth of their child as well?

Who is interacting with someone they shouldn’t is yet unknown, but there will undoubtedly be heartache.

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