Emmerdale spoiler: Ryan worries about his hidden son while suffering in the hospital

As he is about to see his teenage son Oscar in Emmerdale, Ryan Stocks (James Moore) is feeling nervous.

The adored character discovered a few weeks ago that Oscar is very ill and hospitalized. The news that they needed to be tested to discover if they are a match for Oscar’s stem-cell transplant procedure surprised Ryan, and he responded poorly. Ryan’s girlfriend Gail (Rachael Gill-Davis), urged that they should.

In forthcoming episodes, Ryan will finally get the chance to spend time with Oscar after getting over his first surprise.

In this new clip, Sophie (Martha Cope), Oscar’s adoptive mother, and Ryan are discussing outside the hospital room.

Sophie expresses her gratitude for Ryan and Gail’s participation in the procedure to determine whether they were a match during the discussion about the test they conducted for Oscar’s transplant.

Sophie replies “yes,” but how will it turn out when Ryan asks whether Oscar would still like to meet him?

Gail and Ryan got tested to see if they could help Oscar (Picture: ITV)

‘It’s a totally new thing for Ryan’, James Moore told us.

‘In a way I understand where Ryan is coming from because you find out that the child you had 13, 14 years ago and you haven’t seen in that time is in hospital. It would be a shock and it would be something you would spend a while coming to terms with.

‘These things that Ryan is having to go through, it’s emotionally very hard-hitting. These scenes that are going to play out are very emotional and authentic and real.

Ryan and Gail learn more about Oscar (Image from ITV)

I believe that sequences like that are crucial since they really enhance the film’s humanity. How individuals would truly be affected emotionally by this event.

James teased what Ryan and Gail might expect, suggesting that there might be issues with Sophie soon:

We can anticipate the possibility of Ryan and Gail getting along with their son. Considering that they haven’t really seen him in approximately 13 or 14 years, there will be a lot to catch up on. They don’t know how Sophie, the adoptive mother, feels about it, which is the problem.

She is undecided as to whether it is a good idea. There is concern that Ryan and Gail will take her position.

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