Video spoiler for Coronation Street: Love ignites as Daisy is moved by Ryan’s courageous deed

In this latest Coronation Street clip, Ryan Prescott (Ryan Connor) and Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) struggle to conceal their emotions for one another.

Ryan and Daisy shared a bed this week. Since the acid assault, the two characters have become very close, and Daisy recently told Ryan how proud she was of him when he dared to show his damaged face to his social media followers during a livestream.

After exchanging hugs and kisses, the two quickly made their way to the bedroom. Due to her connection with Daniel (Rob Mallard), Daisy soon regretted acting in this way, and things only got more problematic when Lauren (Cait Fitton) confessed that she knew what had transpired and began extorting money from them.

Lauren is using blackmail on Daisy and Ryan (ITV image).

Daisy advised Ryan to put the incident behind them because she was engaged to Daniel, but it’s clear from this new video that they are unable to turn their emotions off.

Daisy is discussing a patron who was gazing at Ryan’s facial scars in the Bistro’s kitchen.

He notes that he has discovered that individuals typically act curiously and don’t actually mean anything by their looks.

The relationship between the two is incredibly difficult (Image: ITV).

Daisy praises Ryan and remarks on the incredible progress he has made, so she is shocked when he claims that she is the only reason he was able to get through it all.

Daisy and Ryan’s talk is abruptly ended by the chef, but how will this affect their feelings for one another?

Charlotte Jordan said to us at the recent Inside Soap Awards that “she’s incredibly grateful to Ryan but she also knows she’s committed to establish a life with Daniel so she’s torn between the two of them” and “she deals with it in the worst manner imaginable.”

All of us will be devastated when she makes a wonderful mess of things.

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