Amy was astounded by Chloe’s revolting disclosure about Mack in the Emmerdale spoiler video.

In Emmerdale, Amy Wyatt (Natalie Ann Jameson) is going to remove Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) from her list of people to send holiday cards after finding out about his affair with Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins).

A few months earlier, Charity and Mack shared a bed, but they decided not to tell Chloe (Jessie Elland) about it. This was finally made known during Super Soap Week, just before to the three getting into a serious vehicle accident.

For Chloe, things have now drastically altered. She is recovering from the injuries she sustained during the tumble down the ravine because Mackenzie decided to save Charity instead of saving herself.

Chloe was defeated by Mack, who rescued Charity (ITV).

And to make matters worse, Chloe is letting Mack think that she doesn’t remember anything about the accident even though she is fully aware that he chose his ex over the mother of his kid.

We can see that Chloe has left the hospital and is now back in this new video.

Chloe is crying now that she is back in the safety of her own house, perhaps feeling overwhelmed by everything that has happened.

Amy looks scared (ITV image).

Chloe declines Amy’s offer to pick up Mackenzie and wonders whether Mack is back with Charity and making up his story about being at the store.

Amy informs Chloe that Mack and Charity are “old history,” unaware of the current betrayal, and her expression falls as Chloe reveals that they shared a bed before Reuben’s baptism.

Amy first believes Chloe is telling the truth when she says she recalls every detail of the collision, so she is shocked when her sister confirms this.

But what will occur after that?

Mack believes Chloe has lost her memory as a result of the trauma. Will he be able to withstand her and Amy’s anger when they decide to exact revenge?

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