Bethany Platt will return to Coronation Street with Daniel Osbourne’s kid, according to spoilers?

Even if the relationship was just fleeting, it will likely happen again (Image: ITV).

As Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon) makes her Christmastime return to Coronation Street, Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) could be in for a surprise.

It goes without saying that Lucy has returned to the Cobbles after a three-year absence.

After her romance with Daniel ended, she was last seen leaving her family and moving to London for a new job.

The well-known actress acknowledged that the coronavirus epidemic had a negative impact on her career during the interim time that followed her retirement.

‘I spent five years on Corrie. She departed in January 2020, which she later said was maybe the worst choice she had ever made.

She said on the podcast BTS With, “We went into full lockdown in the March, which I feel like in a sense, did me a few favors, as I could walk away from that character and not have the pressure that I needed to be doing anything – because nobody was doing anything.”

After Stephen Reid’s (Todd Boyce) death, which reverberated throughout her family, Bethany returns.

Bethany has come back strong! (Image from ITV)

She will also have an effect on her ex Daniel, who is seeing Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan), who is his fiancée.

But this may be on the rocks when she covertly cheats with Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott).

Lucy is looking forward to working with her new co-star because Charlotte has said Daisy will have a conflict on her hands when Bethany attracts Daniel’s attention once more.

It would be the classic soap twist – and one which would definitely kick off the Corrie Christmas with a bang.

Whatever happens, there will be a storm as Daniel must be on the cusp of having his heart destroyed by Daisy and Ryan.

With Bethany at the epicentre of this, the repercussions of her return will be felt into 2024.

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