Spoilers for Coronation Street: In a new video, a furious Asha Alahan plans to kill Courtney Vance.

Next week on Coronation Street, Asha Alahan (Tanisha Gorey) is furious with Courtney Vance (Stephanie Davis) for returning home from a shopping trip when she was supposed to be somewhere else.

In next scenes, Aadi Alahan (Adam Hussain) would persuade Courtney to go with him to the Freshco recruiting day by explaining that with two sets of earnings arriving, they might live somewhere nicer.

Recently, the pair settled into a unit in the precinct.

As they prepare to go, Courtney, who isn’t very excited to travel with Aadi, informs him that she feels ill and that he would have to go it alone.

Being Aadi, he does just that.

In contrast, Courtney seems to have been lying because Asha later sees her walking about with shopping bags in her hand.

Asha is still irate that Courtney is there (ITV picture)

In the scene above, which is from the ITV soap opera that aired on Wednesday (October 26), Asha takes great pleasure in telling Nina Lucas (Mollie Gallagher) all about her outing with the paramedic team.

Nina encourages her buddy to have more confidence in herself and assures her that she will be excellent since she is glad to see her friend so excited about the possibility of becoming a pandemic.

The duo, however, quickly becomes sidetracked when Asha notices Courtney exiting a cab while carrying shopping bags. Nina is eager to point out that Courtney is spending the day shopping while Aadi is attending the recruiting day alone.

When Asha realizes this, she becomes enraged and accuses Courtney of ruining her brother’s life. It quickly becomes apparent that Asha plans to take action. But what precisely will she do?

These scenes will be shown on Coronation Street on Wednesday, October 25 at 8 p.m. on ITV1 and ITVX.

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