Spoilers for Emmerdale: David’s heart is broken before his depressing departure

It will come to a disastrous end. (Image from ITV)

There was a lot of curiosity about how Matthew Wolfenden’s character, David Metcalfe, would leave the town when it was revealed that he would be departing Emmerdale.

It’s getting more and more obvious that he’s going to go amid a great deal of sadness since he’ll eventually learn that Victoria (Isabel Hodgins) and Jacob (Joe-Warren Plant) have started to develop affections for one another.

David and Victoria broke up last year after he told the police Victoria had been driving the car while lying about receiving a speeding ticket. However, David has just come to the realization that he still loves Victoria and wants to reunite with her.

Unfortunately for him, Jacob came to the realization that he had affections for Victoria after experiencing a near-tragic allergic reaction to food that Victoria had given him inadvertently.

David accepts a second date with Abby, whom he met on a dating app, in subsequent episodes. He wants Jacob to explain himself to Abby after having second thoughts, and Jacob does so while also sharing a drink with her. Victoria notices this and realizes she is envious of Jacob’s relationship with another lady.

Once Abby has left, Victoria can no longer suppress her sentiments, and they are shared by everyone. She and Jacob soon find themselves in a passionate hug.

Victoria quickly exits the vehicle and arrives at David, who is dejected. She attempts to uplift him, but he takes it as encouragement. He can’t help but feel that there could still be potential for them to become a relationship, so he tells Pollard (Chris Chittell) that he’s going to make an effort to patch fences with his ex.

Vic and Jacob succumb to their emotions (ITV image)

Unfortunately for David, it appears that he will be unable to accomplish his goal since Victoria and Jacob have finally caved in to their desires and have had a sexual encounter. They were almost discovered when David showed up to speak to Victoria.

She succeeds in hiding, but it soon becomes apparent that David is still holding out hope for a reunion and is far from moving on.

Leyla (Roxy Shahidi) is growing concerned about her son’s’secret lover’ in the meantime. Will she soon learn the truth?

And what will David do when he learns that the lady he loves is dating the guy he considers to be his son?

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