When Rhona learns important news, she experiences a tremendous pregnancy shock.

She’ll be in a state of shock (ITV image).

Before the year is out, Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) in Emmerdale will get a major shock when her ex-partner Gus reenters her life.

Gus and Lucy asked Rhona whether they might utilize one of her frozen embryos that were kept when she was with Gus when they first came in the hamlet a few months ago. He claimed that he and Lucy wanted to conceive naturally but were unable to do so.

Rhona informed Gus he couldn’t use them, but in upcoming episodes, the adored character will learn he utilized the embryos behind her back, making her the baby’s biological mother when it is finally born.

The plot is completely unbelievable, and viewers will be astounded and riveted. It has never been attempted in a soap opera before, and it is rather contentious, a source informed The Sun.

It takes a lot of guts for scriptwriters to get there. There are worries that it can disturb those who are trying to conceive. The newborn will arrive before to Christmas.

Even if Rhona didn’t give birth, she is the mother according to the law.

has requested a statement from Emmerdale.

Rhona will acquire some major information regarding Gus (ITV, picture)

Certainly, the most recent information connects closely to a scenario that aired in May of this year.

Gus was the one who discovered Mary (Louise Jameson) unconscious after Faye (Jane Gurnett) assaulted her.

Gus was able to focus on the legal documents, including some passports, that were stored on a shelf in the living room while everyone was preoccupied.

A few weeks later, it was discovered that Rhona’s passport was gone, which raises the possibility that Gus may use it to impersonate her.

How will Rhona respond to this enormous news when this new plot begins?

What will it entail for Marlon (Mark Charnock) and her, too?

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