Emmerdale spoilers: A Dingle is the murderer in another significant character’s death.

The Dingles will be interrogated (Image from ITV)

The village is about to experience a murder, and a Dingle is to blame.

A new name is about to be added to the list of Emmerdale fatalities, which already includes Liv, Harriet, Al, Lloyd, Rishi (I’m still not over that one), and Victor.

A massive week of Emmerdale episodes is coming up, and it centers around Billy (Jay Kontzle) discovering a bloodied, battered, and most crucially, dead rapist Craig (Ben Addis) on the Home Farm estate. Which of the Dingles would truly kill Lydia’s assailant? They all have compelling reasons to do so.

During a lock-in at the Woolpack, Lydia will be trying to figure out his killer while still suffering from the shocking news and assembling the Dingles. Before the perpetrator is identified, Lydia must sort through a lot of secrets, alibis, falsehoods, and memories.

After Cain informed Sam of the Dingle law that stipulates that Craig must receive justice, it is hardly shocking that Craig has met an unfortunate end. When Lydia finds out that Craig was imprisoned in a barn by Sam (James Hooton) and Cain (Jeff Hordley), they appear like the apparent offenders. Perhaps it is too evident.

There are additional Dingles who appear guilty.

Questions are posed, but who will provide truthful responses? (Image from ITV)

Aaron (Danny Miller) is another apparent suspect because he returned to the town extremely disturbed. Although he is in the public eye, he is not at all pleased about being asked for an alibi. Instead, he changes the subject to Charity, which is not exactly the behavior of an innocent guy and is very dubious.

Another person on the suspect list is Caleb (Will Ash), whose flashback indicates that he is not at all being truthful with his family. When does he ever?

Could Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper) have lost her cool and intervened on her own after Lydia’s ordeal? Her flashback indicates she is lying to her family as well as the fact that Tom (James Chase) proposed to her after a romantic lunch, a significant secret she is concealing from her loved ones.

The Dingle Law (ITV image).

And the two Dingles who may be the most innocent—Mandy (Lisa Riley) and Marlon (Mark Charnock)—are brought into the spotlight of the inquiry. Although it’s unlikely that these two will kill somebody, it’s never impossible. In the end, they are Dingles. Marlon withholds some crucial information, while Mandy is hiding a significant secret. Did these two collaborate on the plan?

Or might there be a shocking turn of events that implicates Kim Tate (Claire King) and her husband Will (Dean Andrews) in a vendetta?

The week will keep everyone on the edge of their seats, producer Laura Shaw teased, as more explosive secrets are revealed each day that promise to have huge repercussions, shatter lives, and set off fireworks in the Dingles bigger than ever before.

Juicy. Viewers will eventually discover what actually occurred that night as the plot progresses. Which Dingle killed Craig, if any? Or were they all complicit in the scheme?

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