Spoilers for Coronation Street: Daniel is incensed when he learns Ryan and Daisy have betrayed their love.

Ryan confesses to Daniel, who is incensed. (Image from ITV)

In recent moments, Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) and Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott), who have a difficult relationship on Coronation Street, have gotten closer than they possibly should.

The couple’s shock from nearly being caught kissing by Daisy’s fiance Daniel (Rob Mallard) only increased when they were discovered by Ryan’s flatmate Lauren (Cait Fitton), who has since been blackmailing them.

Daisy, on the other hand, is adamant that Lauren won’t be seeing any more money in subsequent scenes, so Lauren discovers a novel technique to make quick money that shocks Ryan.

When she receives a notice from O-Vidz, he is really appalled to see it, and he quickly finds out that Lauren, who is underage, has been uploading to the obscene website.

Ryan thinks that he has a responsibility of care and reports her to the site despite her insistence that he remain quiet lest she reveal Daisy’s important secret to Daniel.

Ryan informs Daisy about reporting Lauren and expresses his concerns that their adultery will be exposed because of his actions.

Daisy lies to Daniel the next day, saying she’s staying with her mother, while in reality she’s going to spend the night with Ryan, which is a poor decision given all that’s going on.

Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews), who is quick to question her intentions, prompts Daisy to come clean to her stepmother and explain how she loves both Ryan and Daniel in various ways and is at a loss for what to do.

Ryan and Daisy are followed to the hotel by Daniel (ITV).

Jenny, who is never short of counsel, exhorts her to decide immediately. Daisy leaves for the motel with Jenny’s remarks haunting her.

Daniel, in the meantime, becomes suspicious when he sees Ryan getting into a cab, and after having an interesting conversation with Daisy’s mother, he decides to follow him.

Daisy ultimately makes up her mind at the hotel as she and Ryan make their way to their room: Daniel is who she wants. Has her choice, with Daniel chasing after them, come too late?

Daniel quickly admits to Ken Barlow (William Roache) that he has a suspicion that Ryan and Daisy are having an affair, but he needs evidence.

The minute Daniel confronts Ryan and wants to know what’s going on, despite Ken’s warnings to be cautious, Ryan blurts out that he professed his love for Daisy!

Will Daniel react accordingly, and will the unhappy couple’s ordeal be over?

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